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In the context of the South African economy, with new opportunities, threats and the progressive relaxing of exchange controls, the ability to timeously change and adapt your business to the changing requirements is critical to the long term success of any business.  
Therefore this business plan been formulated as an initial document to provide insight into our future plans.

This thinking will be in line with the new South Africa, Affirmative Action, the African Renaissance, Black Empowerment and Equal Opportunity for all in general and the disenfranchised in particular. This business plan will focus on the key areas that will indicate the current strengths and possible weaknesses of our plans and the future potential of its success. 

Sunta Safety has extensive experience as a manufacturer and supplier of safety wear and equipment. Sunta Safety has achieved organic growth, notwithstanding its historically disadvantaged status as a result of commitment to high levels of service in a competitive industry.
It is essentially an SMME, and falls within the perimeters set by national government to take advantage of opportunities to expand with the National Economy through initiatives and contracts of   this nature.